What Networking Certifications are Worth Attention in 2022? Cisco is One of Them.

IT certification is not only a convenient way to show your advanced knowledge, skills and competencies in a particular technological field but it also serves as a tool to help you advance in a competitive labor market. It is not necessary to hold a four-year degree or certificate in information technology to start a career.
Furthermore, technology is constantly evolving at lightning speed, and the demand for skilled human resources is growing every day. The pandemic has forced many companies and organizations to shift to remote or distributed operations. This is why the need for network professionals and infrastructure professionals is evident.
If your career goals involve networking technology, here are some things you should consider:
You have an advantage if you have official certificates. This does not mean that someone who has completed four years of college is less competent than someone with a certificate. A certification from an accredited certifying body is a sign that the specialist has limited technical skills and knowledge and is more focused on their professional field. Employers also value the qualification as it shows commitment, motivation, and a desire for growth.
Specialization matters. There are many areas that a motivated professional could pursue in the field. Your goals could be in virtualized networks or routing, wireless networks, security, or both. It is also possible to specialize in specific technologies or networking products, which will make your resume stand out.
You can stay relevant by getting certified. This is a major problem in the IT industry. The rapid advancement of information technology means that knowledge gained in college may be obsolete. Many employers are interested in accrediting their employees. Additionally, official certificates can be valid for up to two years. This requires that their owners are interested in continuing their education and stay current with the latest trends in order to pass the recertification process.
In other words, networking accreditation can bring you many benefits. Most candidates struggle to decide which vendor to choose and where they should start. This article will provide you with a list of networking certifications that you should definitely consider in 2022.
1. Cisco CCIE. Cisco CCIE. Cisco is a leader in networking technology. It’s not surprising that interested candidates can choose from tiered qualifications in DevNet, Data Center, Manufacturing, CyberOps, Collaboration, Security, and Service Provider.
Most applicants are seeking Expert level certifications, also known as CCIE. These prestigious accreditations show professionals that they are experts in their field and have advanced knowledge. It is not easy to obtain one. To prove your expertise, you must pass two official exams: the laboratory and qualifying.
In May 2022, the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert accreditation will include a lab evaluation. Cisco views this designation as unique due to its unique approach to assessing competences related to automation, secure automation tools and programmability.
2. VMware Certified Design Expert. VMware is the market leader in cloud computing technology and virtualization. This certification is increasingly in demand by companies. Employers and recruiters alike value the VMware certification, which is also known as VCDX (VMware Certified Design Expert). This certificate is applicable to technical areas such cloud management and automation as well as network virtualization, desktop mobility, and data centre virtualization. This certification is not easy to obtain. The certification exam consists in two parts: a pass and defense, which takes the form of a 45-minute presentation.
VMware is also unique in that it regularly updates its certification program. The VMware Cloud on AWS Master Specialist (5V0-11.21), which results in the VMware Master Specialist- VMware Cloud On AWS 2021 qualification, was made available in the summer 2021. VMware offers many options to extend or renew an existing qualification.
3. AWS Certified: SAP on AWS Specialty. AWS is not only a well-known provider of cloud computing platforms and API interfaces, but also a developer comprehensive accreditation paths. Specialists in virtualization and automatio are available.