What makes Tableau a preferred BI & Analytics software?

Tableau is a futuristic BI tool that helps data scientists visually analyze data. This easy-to-use and intuitive software allows users to create an interactive dashboard that can show and share data trends, variations, and density. Tableau allows seamless connections to files, relational databases, as well as Big Data sources to facilitate data acquisition.
Tableau allows data to be blended and shared in real-time. It is used by almost all industries worldwide for visual data analysis. Tableau is a top-rated data analytics and BI software, according to Gartner. It offers unique features that make it the preferred platform.
Visual Analytics
Tableau’s visual analytics capabilities make it a preferred choice over other BI and analytical platforms. Tableau allows visualization of data during analysis, keeping the user’s attention on data queries and not worrying about software issues. Tableau is capable of handling complex and voluminous data. It does not limit the data that can be analyzed. Its ability to connect with diverse data sources to produce useful insights, adaptability and cost-effectiveness all contribute to its widespread acceptance across industries.
Flexible to fit any data strategy
Tableau is a robust, flexible solution that allows data scientists to integrate it into any data strategy. It can be used on-premises, public cloud, hosted cloud, multi-tenant platforms or any OS platform. It has 67 data connectors that can be used to access data from native platforms. These connectors are available for both databases and cloud applications. It can be connected directly to any database to provide real-time insights regardless of where the data is stored.
Customer-centric Innovation
Tableau is a revolutionary software that has revolutionized the way people work with data. Its innovative approach to generating business insight from large datasets allows for extensive capabilities, such as a PDF connector and Hyper-data engine. This helps customers to achieve more with their data. It is a pioneer platform for data analytics, business intelligence, and data preparation based upon machine-Learning.
Self-service Analytics with Utmost Security
This innovative software combines self-service data recovery with security and governance. Tableau can be easily configured to address existing infrastructure requirements, while adhering to the authentication standard for easy maintenance and deployment. Tableau’s ease of use and intuitive capabilities make Tableau more useful, which in turn has led to increased adoption rates. Research shows that Tableau-using companies have reported lower total ownership costs (TCO), than companies who have adopted other BI platforms.
Tableau is a holistic tool that combines innovation agility with customer focus to enable you to share data-based business insights, manage user controls, and access various data analytics and BI features all within one integrated platform.
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