Top Tips for Advanced WebAssign Instructors

You may be an expert at customizing WebAssign courses if you have been using it for a while. Are you able to engage students, save time and improve student success? For the best tips that even the most experienced WebAssign instructor will appreciate, keep reading.
Top Tips to Engage Students with Course Concepts
Online learning makes it even harder to engage students. These are some ways to make your course more interactive so that students fully understand your course topics.
Use Video in Your Assignments. Although it may seem obvious, video is a key tool to engage students. If you wish to give your students reference materials, WebAssign allows you to upload lecture videos or make a textbook video. You can link or embed videos into your questions or assignments if you want students to view a tutorial or lecture and make sure they understand the topic. This will allow students to ask questions about the video that they have just seen.
Assign Reading Quizzes – Students often feel tempted to skip assigned reading, not realizing the immediate impact it will have on the grade. WebAssign can be used to hold students accountable by scheduling quizzes that cover the assigned reading. You can do this by creating a short, timed assignment that covers the key topics from the reading. You will discourage students from searching for the answers by limiting the time they spend answering each question. This will make it difficult for them to complete their assigned reading.

Top Tips to Save Time
These tips will help you save time and effort as you plan your course.
WebAssign for Attendance: Do two gradebooks need to be updated? Instead, create a category in WebAssign GradeBook for attendance to keep all student scores in one place. This will help you save time when evaluating student performance, especially if your grade reports are required for midterm.
Create a Forum Discussion board for Students: Encourage your students to create a discussion forum and encourage them to use it to ask questions throughout the semester. Discussion boards can improve collaboration between your students and decrease the number students approach you for questions – saving you precious time. Expert Tip: Make sure students ask and answer at most one question in the discussion board to ensure they are using it effectively.

Ask Your Teacher Notifications sent to your email: Instead of constantly logging into WebAssign in order to check your messages, change your settings to forward the message notifications directly to your email. This will allow you to notify students when you are available to help with assignments and schedule online office hours. This will allow you to be available for students when they have questions and reduce the need to be “always online”.

Top Tips for Student Success
Reassess your course for next semester. Check your assignment settings. Find new ways to support your student throughout semester.
You can:

Allow extra time for certain students: When you create your course, you can give extra time for a test or extension on an assignment to specific students if they request it. Make sure you review your students’ rosters and adjust your WebAssign settings accordingly.
Allow Hints on Specific Assignments These hints can vary from textbook to textbook. These hints may include links to ebooks, videos, or tutorials to help students grasp the concept. Expert Tip: You can create your own custom hints if you feel your students need more support.

Use the Gradebook to Communicate Student Performance: At the end of each term, sort your GradeBook. Send email messages to students encouraging them to contact you for additional help.

Top Tips for Getting Help When You Need it
Even pros sometimes need some support. There are many resources that you can use:
Get help creating a question: Contact the WebAssign Content Support team to determine which question type is best for your topic or objective. They can help you find the best answer.
Report a question error: We are not perfect, but we value accuracy. Report a question error to WebAssign here if you notice it is unclearly or inaccurately grading.
You can find guides, best practices, and resources in one place: Did you know that the “Help” button is located at the top of the page?