Top Tips and Resources for Getting Up and Running With Courseware

It can be daunting to start with courseware. We asked our Faculty Partners for their advice on what resources and tips are essential for instructors who are new to courseware.
Take a look at the tips they shared and bookmark this page. Make a plan of action to make sure your semester starts off right!
What to do before class begins:
The weeks leading up the start of a new term, or school year, are often hectic and busy. Cengage recommends that Faculty Partners partner with Cengage to complete the following tasks in order to be as prepared as possible before students arrive.
Request a Courseware Demo: Contact your Cengage Representative to arrange a demonstration of the courseware that you’ll use. This will give you a better idea of all the features and how to navigate the platform.
Get up to speed with training: Check out our on-demand training resources. They include step-by-step guides, howto videos, and tips for getting started. You can also request a consultation from a Faculty Partner, or attend a live webinar.
Cengage Services: You will be assigned a Digital Success Specialist as a Cengage courseware user. They can assist with course setup and personalization, as well as answering general questions. They are available by phone, email, or video chat for any questions.
Keep it Simple: When setting up your first course, start small. You can always improve it! You can always improve it!
Add it to your Syllabus: You can ensure students have access to course materials from the first day. Make sure to include specific registration instructions in your syllabus. You can also include information about Cengage Unlimited.
Setting expectations and the first day of class:
Moving to digital requires that your students are signed up and able access their course materials and books. These tips will show you how Faculty Partners communicate with students.
Locate the eBook: Show students where the ebook is located and how to bookmark, highlight, and print it.
Make it Count: Make courseware a significant portion of the overall grade. We recommend 10% or more. To get the most out courseware and increase student use, make at least three assignments part a student’s grade.
Give your students a strong start by directing them to the Start Strong webpage. It features a short video and step-by-step guides that will help you register for courseware.
Keeping track of the semester
Let Cengage handle support: Show students how you can submit tickets for tech support and what to include so they are responsible (but include your name on their tickets). Support is available 24 hours a day. Pro Tip: Chat to reduce wait times during the school year’s start.
Communicate often: Keep in touch with students and stay in contact. If you require additional support or help, let your Cengage representative know.
Techcheck: Keep an eye on Techcheck to see if there are any platform outages. You can also contact tech support to raise any issues.
Measure Success: Track student engagement, review course analytics and get student feedback about what worked and what didn’t after your first semester.

We hope you find these tips useful! Keep checking back for more posts and helpful content to help new courseware users. Empowered Educator is our complete library of professional development resources.