Simple, but effective tips to prepare for Microsoft MS-720: Microsoft Teams voice engineer exam

The Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer works closely with third-party vendors and telephony providers to enable advanced voice traits in Microsoft Teams. He also works with administrators for other workloads such as identity, licensing security and compliance. Do you feel this is the right job for you? If so, you can apply for Microsoft 365 Certified: Expert Teams Voice Engineer certification. This certification requires applicants to pass Exam MS-700, Managing Microsoft Teams, and the MS-720: Microsoft Teams voice Engineer exam.
Are you eligible for MS-720 certification?
This certification is a great fit if your experience in designing, planning, maintaining and configuring unified communication solutions at organizations is extensive.
Microsoft MS-720 Exam Details
The Microsoft MS-720 exam contains 40-60 questions. This Microsoft exam is available in English and costs $165. To pass the exam, candidates must score at least 700/1000. This exam is required to become Microsoft 365 Certified Teams Voice Engineer Expert.
Microsoft MS-720 exam objectives
Configure and plan Microsoft Teams Phone (25-30%)

Optimize network performance (5-10%)

Direct routing (15-20%): Plan and configure

Configure and manage Microsoft Teams Phones for voice users (15-20%)

Configure and plan Microsoft Teams clients and devices (5-10%)

Monitor and troubleshoot Microsoft Teams Phone (15-20%)

Proven Preparation Tips for Microsoft MS-720 Teams Voice Engineering Exam
1. Get familiar with the Exam Structure
It is impossible to prepare for any certification exam if you don’t first read the syllabus topics. You can find the exam details on the Microsoft website. This website will provide all the information you need to pass the Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer MS720 exam.
2. Create a Study Schedule
It will be difficult to leave work for the Microsoft MS-720 Teams voice engineer certification exam if you are a busy professional. You need to plan your preparation so that it doesn’t disrupt your work life.
3. Find the right study resources
There are many study resources that can help you acquire the necessary skills for the Microsoft MS-720 Voice Engineer exam. Make sure you carefully choose your study resources. If you are unsure where to start, visit the Microsoft official site.
4. Take the Microsoft MS-720 Practice Exam
To prepare for Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer, you will need to use a variety of study tools such as video tutorials, training courses, study guides, and study guides. You also need to take the MS-720 practice exam. These tools will ensure your success in the Microsoft exam and guarantee you the coveted certification.

5 Benefits of MS-720 Practice Exams for Exam Preparation
Microsoft’s official website is the best place to start your preparation journey. You’ll find many resources to help you prepare. To increase your chances of passing the Microsoft MS-720 Teams voice engineer certification exam, you can take practice tests from trusted websites like Here are some benefits to using practice tests. These are the benefits of using practice tests:
1. This tool will help you identify weak areas
After spending a lot of time studying for the MS720 exam, you will feel confident. It is therefore important to test yourself with an MS720 practice exam to determine if you have learned the topics correctly and thoroughly, and if you still have difficulties with them. You will be more likely to focus on these topics and increase your chances of passing the MS720 exam.
2. Increase your content retention
Even if you’ve studied everything, it’s easy to forget some important details. offers MS-720 practice exams that cover all topics. Your result will show the content of what you have learned. You can recall the answers to the MS-720 practice exam questions, which could help you improve your performance.
3. Treat Anxiety Issues
You will feel anxious or scared many times when you are about to pass the Microsoft MS-720 exam. If this is a normal feeling, then you should practice as many MS-720 questions as possible. This will help you get rid of your anxiety. All you have to do is keep practicing. Practice in a simulation environment will help you prepare for the real Microsoft exam. You should feel confident and be able to control the situation.
4. Accuracy is improved
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