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Active Directory Extension to the AWS Cloud

In my last column I explained that Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is cloud-based directory services, is based on Microsoft Active Directory. This column was about creating a cloud-based Active Directory environment. It is possible to make your existing on-premises Active Directory available to AWS. This post will demonstrate how. Sign in to the AWS

Explore SSCP Domain 4: Incident Response, Recovery and Career in IT Security

Data breaches and the number of cyber-attacks against individuals, businesses, and governments are breaking new records. The sophistication of threats has increased due to the increasing use of emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and greater tactical coordination between hacker groups, state actors, and hackers. Your organization’s ability to quickly detect and

AWS How-To: Auto Scaling your AWS Workloads

Dynamically adjusting the workload to ensure the right number of instances is one of the challenges in managing a large workload. Performance will suffer if there are too many instances. Overuse of instances will result in unnecessary costs. Amazon Web Services (AWS), which includes an autoscaler, allows you to automatically run a workload across the

AWS Hits a New High with $3.2 billion in Revenue

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the public cloud leader, continued its upward trend on Thursday with the publication of’s third quarter financial report. AWS exceeded Wall Street’s expectations in the quarter that ended Sept. 30 with $3.2 billion in revenue. This is the highest AWS has earned since separated its cloud business from other

AWS Hires James Gosling, ‘Father Of Java’

Amazon Web Services (AWS), in a hiring coup, this week welcomed James Gosling as a Distinguished Engineer. Gosling made the announcement in a Facebook post on Monday morning. Gosling wrote, “It’s a time for a shift.” “I’m leaving Boeing Defense (formerly Liquid Robotics), with many good memories. Today I begin a new adventure at Amazon

AWS Helps ML Devs Streamline Human Review with Amazon A2I

Amazon Web Services (AWS), now offers a new managed service called Amazon Augmented AI. This allows developers to improve the accuracy and quality of their machine-learning models with human oversight. Amazon A21 offers developers pre-configured workflows to help them in situations where their machine learning predictions require extra human verification. Some machine learning applications, such