Money on Blockchain or All Finances in One Mobile Application

A new mobile app was released in January 2019 that allows users to simultaneously manage all their bank accounts. Not only accounts, but also recurring technology, which allows you to transfer money quickly and inexpensively, open a business anywhere in the world, and even invest.
You can open an account from the couch.
Recurrent is a convenient way to manage bank accounts. This application can be used to open a new account in minutes, even if you don’t have one. It doesn’t matter where you are located, the platform connects tens of the biggest banks around the globe. You can create an account in any one of them.
To use services such as Swiss banks, you don’t need to travel far. They are well-known for their reliability. The verification process is simple: download the application, take a photo of your passport, and take a photograph of yourself. Recurrent banks will not require any additional information if they have a contract.
No borders or barriers for business
Recurrent is a service that you won’t need to leave the country for. All information in the application interface is displayed in the user’s language. It takes just a few clicks to transfer money to a new account. You can also send rubles from Russia to the built-in converter, which converts them easily into euros or Swiss Francs at a suitable exchange rate.
The same applies to companies that want to open overseas offices quickly and without the need for personal presence. The application provides up-to-date information about the legal and financial aspects involved in running a business or depositing funds in a country. This application will allow you to consider all the nuances ahead of time: calculate the exact return on bank deposit, calculate tax privileges, etc.
Transfer money fast and almost for free
Many useful features are available in Recurrent. One of the greatest advantages of this application, which is both for individuals and legal entities, lies in the ability to transfer money quickly between any number of banks around the globe. Remittances are now possible in an instant thanks to blockchain technology. The commission, which is not dependent on the volume of the transaction will be only 50c. Comparatively, “classic” international bank transactions take between a few days and a week. The minimum commission is only a small percentage of the amount sent.
Money can be sent to a bank account or transferred to anyone using the system. The individual can choose to withdraw money to its account or leave it in a personal Recurrent Account. It will soon be easier to withdraw cash. In the near future, debit and credit cards will be Recurrent. The money can then be cashed at any ATM.
Questions about security
How safe is it for you to keep your savings in Recurrent. The application’s basis is a decentralized blockchain network that is much more secure than accounts at the Swiss banks. A chain of independent servers ensures that the account is protected from unauthorized access. You can see for yourself: In the 10 years of Bitcoin existence no transaction has been hacked. Every day, there are approximately 10 000 hacks of ordinary bank account accounts. Nothing can harm users’ financial security or their personal data.
Application development prospects
Recurrent is the first similar platform that is available to a wide variety of users. The platform was initially designed to allow remote management of companies and accounts. The project has evolved over time to become something more. The project’s investment direction is being re-evaluated by the development team. Recurrent will soon have new features that will allow users to trade stock and other exchange assets. The promising c