Informatica online training course by Real time consultants

Informatica online training
A. Introduction to Informatica
Introduction to DWH Concepts
What is a Data Warehouse
How is it different from conventional databases
Architecture of DWH
DWH in Real Time
Description of Metadata
Facts and Dimensions
Approaches for Building the DWH.
Types of Schemas
Introduction to ETL
What is ETL
Importance of ETL
What are the different ETL tools in the Market
Introduction to Informatica
Basics and Advantages of Informatica
Installation of the tool
Architecture of Informatica
Working with Informatica
Admin Console
Repository Manager
Workflow Manager
Workflow Monitor
Admin Console
Understanding the domain
Creating the Repository Service
Creating the integration Service
Understanding the User Management
Understanding the Prosperities of the Repository Service How to login into the Admin console
Creating Users, Groups and Assigning of Privileges
Understanding of Modes like Exclusive and Normal Modes
Repository Manager
Understanding the Repository Manager
How to connect to Repository Manager
Understanding the Folders
Creation of Folders
Performing Exports and Imports
Understanding the folder Properties
Understanding the Designer
How to login into the Designer
Sub components of the Designer
Source Analyzer
Target Designer
Transformation Developer
Mapplet Designer
Mapping Designer
Understanding Source Analyzer
Importing Structures from the database
Importing Structures from the Flat files
Importing Structures from the Excel Files
Importing Structures from the Access Files
Importing Structures from the XML files
Importing Structures from the SQL Server database
Creating the connections to the database
Understanding Target Designer
Exporting the Structures to the database
Generating the Structures to the database
Creating table, Columns, Assigning the primary key and foreign keys
Modifying the structures
Creating the connections the database
Understanding the Transformation Developer
Understanding the Mapplet Designer
What is Mapping
Creation of Mapping
Creation of Transformation
Types of Transformations (Active and Passive & Connected and Unconnected transformations)
Filter Transformation
Expression Transformation
Router Transformation
Aggregator Transformation
Rank Transformation
Sorter Transformation
Sequence Generator Transformation
Lookup Transformation
Workflow Manager
Understanding the Workflow Manager
Sub Components of the Workflow Manager
Task Developer
Worklet Designer
Workflow Designer
Task Developer
Understanding the tasks
Understanding the Reusable and Non Reusable tasks
Types of Tasks
Session2. Email
Event Wait
Event Raise
Understanding the Worklet Designer
Understanding the Workflow Designer
Creating of Workflow
Assigning the Session workflow
Scheduling the Workflow
Workflow Monitor
Understanding the Workflow Monitor
Viewing the Statistics of the Workflow
Stopping, Aborting, Restarting the Existing Workflow
Viewing the Log information
Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD’S)
Types of SCD’S
Performance Tuning