How to prepare for HDPCD Apache Spark Certification

Today’s business is increasingly reliant on data analysis to maximize their business. While big data is growing at a rapid rate, it is crucial to do the right analysis to extract the business insights. Hadoop and Storm are already available as big data processing alternatives.
Apache Spark, however, is the most important addition to this big data environment. It brings the importance and certification of Apache Spark. This new addition to Hadoop has been embraced by many due to its ability to stream data in enterprise data processing and batch data. Apache Spark, which has in-memory computations and caching capabilities, is an ideal fit for machine learning algorithms.

If you’ve enjoyed Hadoop, it’s now time to learn Apache Spark skills with the help HDPCD Apache Spark Certification. This certification is not only for a higher salary, but also to show your ability to perform sophisticated data analytics.
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Available Apache Spark Certifications on the Market
When it comes time to demonstrate a skill in the first-hand, nothing impresses more than a certification to gain industry recognition. There are four industry-recognized certificates available in the Spark market. These certifications are available starting at –
HortonWorks is the best and most effective. If you already have other Hadoop certifications on HortonWorks Data Platform (HDP), or are looking for Spark specific Certifications, then HDPCD Apache Spark Certificate could be the right choice. This certification is for developers who develop Apache Spark Core or Apache Spark SQL applications using Scala and Python. To take the exam, you only need a 64-bit computer, an internet connection, and a webcam. Before you appear for the exam, it is important to prepare well.
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HDPCD Apache Spark Certification Exam Overview
Name of the exam: HDPCD Spark: HDP Certified Developer
Time: 2 hours
Exam cost: USD 250
Mode Online
Type of MCQ: No
Exam Description
There are two main categories to the exam.
Core Spark
Spark SQL
These versions of the exam are available
HDP 2.4.0
Spark 1.6
Scala 2.10.5
Python 2.7.6 (“pyspark”)
Exam Pattern
A single Hadoop cluster with one node will be provided and seven tasks. You must complete at least five of the seven tasks.
HortonWorks does not allow partial marks.
You will need to complete all tasks on terminal using spark shell or pythonshell.
Exams are not allowed to use IDEs.
The shell script/commands must be saved in VM. You must also protect the output of tasks in a specific HDFS directory.
No multiple choice Apache Spark interview questions
Visit this site to get a complete overview of the exam process.
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A fair knowledge of Apache Hadoop ecosystems – HDFS, YARN, Apache Hive and HiveQueryLanguage(HQL)
Basic knowledge of programming languages such as Scala, Python, Java
SQL knowledge is required to create JDBC-compliant databases.
Candidate must be able perform in all areas of HortonWorks certification objectives. Related web link –
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Recommended Study Material
Follow the link to access all the study materials associated with Apache Spark.
The book “Learning Spark” is a must-read. It will give you an overview of Spark architecture and answer questions about the HDPCD Apache Spark certification exam.
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Expert Tips for Preparation of HDPCD spark Certification
The HDPCD Apache Spark certification exam does not consist of answering multiple choice questions about apache spark. HDPCD is focused on live Apache Spark cluster installation and programming tasks. This certification is also intended to provide an in-depth understanding of Spark Core and Spark SQL applications, in Scala or Python.
To acquire total competency in the certification preparation
It is important to combine theory and best practices.
Focus on interview questions that spark apache
Apache Spark architecture and how it works in a cluster.
The best practices for achieving the highest performance
Keep up-to-date on the latest developments in Apache Spark
Online training that gives you hands-on experience with Spark clusters.
Follow the latest blogs on Apache Spark for industry trends, real-world problems, and interview questions about apache spark
Spark core and Spark SQL problems should be practiced as often as possible