Compare Exchange Server 2013 to Exchange Server 2016. What are the New Changes Exchange Server 2016 brings?

System administrators are excited to see the new changes and modifications Microsoft made to its mail server platform with the release of Exchange Server 2016. New changes in MS Exchange Server 2016 compared to Exchange Server 2013.
Integration with Office 365 is possible
Microsoft has made it clear that their cloud-based platforms are being developed for all applications. With enhanced integration to Office 365, Exchange Server 2016 is a further step in this direction. It includes several features that correspond to the hybrid improvements such as Exchange Online Protection, Modern Attachments and Compliance Center.
Outlook on the Web is a redesigned version of Outlook Web App. The interface offers a modern, improved experience for email, especially when used with smartphones and tablets. This is the main email client for Exchange Online. Improved Document Collaboration
The Exchange Server 2016 enables users to share documents via links from Outlook rather than forwarding attachments. OneDrive can also be used to share documents.
The Exchange 2016 Mailbox Server role now combines the old Mailbox server and Client Access roles into one role, the Exchange 2016 Mailbox Server role. Edge Transport server role is the other server role. This means that Exchange Server 2016 now has only two server roles. This is because Exchange Server 2016 has a cloud-focused look. This allows for improved performance and a simplified architecture.
Microsoft has taken great care to ensure security is a top concern with every new release. The new data loss prevention functionality features 80 steps to scan data and information within the Exchange message flow. This improves security and prevents the leakage of sensitive data. NetCom Learning offers a comprehensive Microsoft Exchange Server training course. This course will help you to migrate to Exchange Server 2016. The MS Exchange Server training will give participants a deep understanding of Exchange 2016 through both lab-based exercises as well as official curriculum study practices. This will help them move to the new version.