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Cognos online training Course Duration – 30 Hours
Cognos course content
Introduction to DWH Concepts
What is Data Warehouse
How is it Different from the conventional databases
Architecture of the DWH
DWH in Real Time
Description of the Metadata
Facts and Dimensions
Approaches for Building the DWH
Types of Schemas
Introduction to Cognos 8 BI
Comparing Cognos 8 with the Older Versions
Examine the Products in the Cognos 8
Components used by Cognos 8
Server Components
Modeling Components
Installing the Cognos 8
Setting up the Environment (on Windows OS)
Configuring the Cognos 8 (Cognos Configuration)
Multi-Tiered Architecture
Introduction to Frame Work Manager
Framework Manager Basics
User Interface, Navigation, Objects
Planning the project and data model
Naming Conventions for objects in a project
Designing Project
Create project
Importing Metadata
Exporting Metadata
Segmenting and Linking
Create Model Documentation
Data Sources
Working with Data Source Connections
Create and Modify Data Sources
Improve Performance by setting Query Processing Type
Preparing Relational Metadata for use in Reports
Verifying Relationships
Working with Dimensions
Working with Query Subjects
Working with Query Items
Supporting Multilingual Metadata
Adding Business Rules (Filters and Expressions)
Organizing the Model
Making Metadata Available to Report Authors
Verify Model
Set Governors
Improving Performance
Create or Modify Package
Controlling access to Metadata
Explore Package
Publish Package
Guideline for Modeling Metadata
Scenarios New Objects – Regular Dimensions, Measure Dimensions, Scope Relationship
Dimensional Modeling of Relational Data Sources
SQL Generated by Cognos 8
Introduction to Cognos Connection
Understanding the Cognos Connection Basics
Run and view reports
View the run history of a report
Organize content with folders and shortcuts
Customize report outputs by using report views
Schedule single and multiple reports
Personalize Cognos Connection
Creating the URL’s
Connecting to the Different Studios
Introduction to Cognos Administration
Understanding the Cognos Administration Basics
How to Connect to the Cognos Administration
Setting up Security
Importing the Users From the Third Party Authentication Providers
Assigning the Privileges to the Users
Understanding the Concept of the Deployment
Performing the Exports and Imports
Creating the User Audit Report
Creating the Drill Through Definitions
Starting and Stopping the Cognos Dispatcher Services
Creating the Port lets
Introduction to Query Studio
Understanding the Query Studio
Create Reports (List, Grouped List, Cross tabs, Charts)
Changing the Appearance of Reports (Format)
Sorting and Grouping
Filters and Prompts
Subtotals and Calculations
Run and Manage Reports
Drill Up and Drill Down Options
Saving the report
Introduction to Report Studio
Report Studio User Interface
Creating, Save and Run Reports
Report Templates
Managing Reports
Types of Reports
List Reports
Cross tab Reports
Formatting a Report
Report Layout Guidelines
Fonts, Styles, Header, Footer and Borders
Insert objects
Apply Table Styles
Swap Columns and Rows
Working with Data
Filters, Parameters and Prompts
Sorting and Grouping
Subtotals and Calculations
Working with Queries
Working with Reports
Managing changes in the Package
Conditional Formatting
Drill-through Reports
Drill-up/Drill-down Reports
Master-Detail Reports
Understanding the modes of reporting (Express and Professional)
Saving the Reports in the Local System
Understanding the Different Report Saving FormatsvConverting List to Cross tab
Introduction to Analysis Studio
Understanding basics of Analysis Studio
Creating a Basic Analysis
Working with data in Cross tab
Exploring Data
Limiting Data
Calculating Data
Sharing Data
Introduction to Event Studio
Understanding the basics of Event Studio
Understanding and creating the Agent
Creating the Event Conditions
Understanding the Task Execution Rules
Assigning the Tasks to the Agent
Running the agent
Introduction to Cognos Business Insight