What can Excel do to help you? Excel is a common tool in many business environments. Excel is a standard tool in many business environments. However, it is rarely used to its full potential. This webinar will give you a great introduction into formulas, data validation and pivot tables.

Greg Lutes

Greg Lutes is a Global Knowledge Microsoft Apps Instructor and has been a technical trainer for more than 20 years. Greg is an expert on many types of desktop and server software. He is a recognized expert on SharePoint and Office 365 technologies. His calm demeanor and passion for technology combined with his practical knowledge enable him to deliver engaging and productive learning experiences to all who attend. This webinar will give you a high-level overview about Excel’s key features that will help you increase productivity with this powerful tool. These are the areas we will be covering in the webinar. Learn how to create formulas that automate your work. Excel will monitor your numbers with Conditional Formatting. Use Data Validation to control data entry. Recommended Courses: Microsoft Excel Level 2 / Med (2010–2013), 2016, Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 3 Spreadsheet Analysis Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 3 / Advanced