What can a Security+ certification do for your career?

Security+ is a great certification to get you in the door. Does this mean that every employee will need to have a Security+ certificate? Absolutely not. There are many people who do have them, whether they are in government or the military. Security+ is required for those who work in certain areas of technology. There are no ifs or buts. You can definitely move up in your career with a Security+ certification. No matter what sector you work in Security+ certification can help you advance your career.
Why Security+?
If you are in a helpdesk position, you can always get the Network+ and A+ certifications. Some of these certifications may be useful. If you are looking to advance your career, or maybe to become a network administrator or system administrator, Security+ certification is a great credential. Security+ certification covers things like:
Social Engineering
Physical Security
Wireless Security
How encryption works with some web-based transactions

You can validate some skills you may already have by taking the Security+ exam. Security+ certification is not just a multiple-choice test. It also includes performance-based questions that will help you prove your ability to do the job, whether it’s reviewing log output or firewall rules.
It is important to get your foot in front of the door. However, employees want to see that you can keep your foot in front of the door once you have done so. This means you are able to do the job you applied for and the job they have hired. CompTIA Security+ is an exam that allows you to show your skills and that you have the knowledge required to do a particular job. CompTIA does not stop with Security+. They also offer certifications beyond that.
There are many certifications that can be obtained if you want to further your career in cybersecurity.
Cyber Security Analyst
CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

Career Benefits
Let’s say that an individual applies for a job or is looking for a promotion within their company. If there are two candidates for the job, and one has the certification, which one do you think will get the job? The credential holder will be the obvious choice. A Security+ certification will increase your chances of being selected.

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