What are your project values?

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Michael Cavanagh, author Second Order Project Management, lists a set of values that project teams should adhere to in his book. This list can be borrowed, modified, added, deleted, or added to by readers.
Our values are our rules for living. They are the filters that allow us to evaluate possible actions and the basis for making decisions that support our collective vision.
We take risks. Complacency can be fatal, but risk adversity is deadly. The result is the exact same.
We are a team, not an individual or group of organisations. The team is our second-family. We share our struggles, but we also share our successes.
All levels are empowered. We know that poor decisions can result from failure to communicate our vision, purpose and values.
We are allowed to make errors, but we must admit them.
We are responsible both for the actions of our colleagues and ourselves.
We understand that inner harmony doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with everything. Once a decision is made, we support it.
Communication can be done inside and out. It should be concise, clear, and to-the-point.
We don’t promise anything that we don’t know we are capable of delivering. We believe in what can be accomplished when we are stretched.
We do the right thing, no matter what.
We don’t tell lies to anyone, not even ourselves.
As a result, we believe in each other as well as ourselves.
A project team is only as strong and valuable as its values. They must be practical, achievable, and workable. They should be easily accessible by all stakeholders at all levels of a project. These values appeal to me. These values are applicable to all projects and I can see myself embracing these values.
These are your thoughts? What are your values?