Websphere Process Server online training by Real time Experts

Websphere Process Server
Course Duration – 30 Hours
Course Introduction.                                                                                                           Business Integration Using Service-Oriented Architecture.IBM WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Overview.IBM WebSphere Integration Developer overviewExercise: Exploring WebSphere Integration Developer, part IService Component Architecture overviewExercise: Exploring WebSphere Integration Developer, part IIBindings –WebService Binding ,SCA Binding, MQ Binding ,JMS BindingExercise: Invoking a Web serviceExercise:Invoking a SCA componentBusiness ObjectsExercise: Creating business objects, shared interfaces, LibrariesImplementing Java ComponentsBusiness Process Choreography OverviewExercise: Creating a business process, part IBusiness Process Activities And Runtime BehaviorExercise: Creating a business process, part IIBusiness State MachinesExercise: Creating a business state machineBusiness Rules And SelectorsExercise: Creating business rulesAdaptersExercise: Implementing WebSphere (JCA) AdaptersInterface Mapping And Business Object MappingExercise: Creating interface maps and business object mapsDeveloping Mediation ServicesExercise: Creating Mediation Services
Human TasksExercise: Implementing human tasks
Advanced Testing, Debugging, And DeploymentExercise: Using component tests and the debugger
Common Event InfrastructureExercise: Monitoring using the Common Event Infrastructure