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Websphere Portal Developmen Course:
Chapter 1 WPF Basics                                                                                     4hrs
Lesson 1.1 Models and Builders
Lesson 1.2 Data Page Basics
Lesson 1.3 Service Consumer Basics
Lesson 1.4 Using WPF Environment
Chapter 1 WPF Building Blocks                                                                     4hrs
Lesson 1.1 Basic Builders and Usage
Chapter 2 Services and Schemas                                                                   3hrs
Lesson 2.1 Service Provider Basics
Lesson 2.2 Custom Input Schemas
Lesson 2.3 Consuming Complex Services
Chapter 3 Building Applications                                                                     4hrs
Lesson 3.1 Writing Web Applications
Lesson 3.2 Custom User Interfaces
Lesson 3.3 DDA Compliance considerations
Chapter 4 Portlets, Wires, and Customization                                                 4hrs
Lesson 5.1 Making Portlets and Wires
Lesson 5.2 Roles-Based Profiling
Lesson 5.3 Configuring / Personalizing Portlets
Chapter 6 Using Java in Portlet Factory                                                          3 hrs
Lesson 6.1 Linked Java Objects in Applications
Lesson 6.2 Linked Java Objects in Services
Lesson 6.3 Accessing  Request and Response
Chapter 7 Deployment and Configuration  in Portlet Factory                        3hrs
Lesson 7.1 Configuring Active Deployment Profile
Lesson 7.2 Exporting war and Deploying Externally
Lesson 7.3  Installing Plug-in and updates

WebSphere Portal Course (Basics)Chapter 1 Basics of WebSphere Portal                                                          3hrs
Lesson 1.1 Introduction to Portal Server
Lesson 1.2 Knowing Portal Server Interface
Lesson 1.3 Area in Portal Server and Usage
Chapter 2 Configuring  and Deploying Portlets                                            5hrs
Lesson 2.1 Creating Pages in Portal Server
Lesson 2.2 Adding Portlets to pages
Lesson 2.3 Managing Portlet Permissions
Lesson 2.4 Configuring Portlet wires
Chapter 3 Working with Themes and Skins                                                   2hrs
Lesson 3.1 Applying Themes and Skins to Portal page
Lesson 3.2 Installing themes and skins
Chapter 4 Portal Administration                                                                     5hrs
Lesson 4.1 Configuring Friendly urls
Lesson 4.2 User Roles and Permissions
Lesson 4.3 XmlAccess interface
Lesson 4.4 Syndicators and Subcribers
Chapter 5 Content Management                                                                     5hrs
Lesson 5.1 Introduction to WCM
Lesson 5.2 Working with WCM
Lesson 5.3 Configuration and creating content
Lesson 5.4 Using WCM APIs in application