Top 3 Reasons We Need More Women in Technology

Share this post: Gender inequality has been an ongoing problem in the corporate world. It is not only alarming that women are not being valued in these spaces, but it is also a significant problem that they are twice as likely to not be given a voice within the corporate environment. Despite all the research and carefully curated data that shows that companies are more profitable, reputable, more likely to have healthy growth relationships, there is still a gender gap in most companies.

Do we need to repeat the fact that diversity, inclusion and creativity are all part of what women bring to the table, as well as innovation, growth, creativity, and innovation? ITProTV recognizes the importance to have more women in technology. This is why ITProTV believes that it is essential to continue working towards strengthening this cause.
Information technology is not only one the fastest-growing industries, but it is also crucial to the advancement of civilization and the development any nation. It is not a joke to say that data is the new oil and that everyone needs it.
Women are underrepresented in tech because of their education. Researches currently show that women are less likely to study STEM fields (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) than their male counterparts. According to UNESCO’s “Cracking The Code: Girls’ and Women’s Education in STEM”, only 35% of STEM students worldwide are women. Source: UNESCO
As a result, it is clear that a woman is already excluded from the workforce before she enters the workforce. Only a small number of women are able to get education in fields that will prepare them for a career as a technie.
This unconsciously leads to a gender bias in the talent pool that hiring managers draw from. Only 17% of students in the field of Information and Communication Technologies are females in Europe. Source: EUROPA
ITProTV and other companies are trying to improve education in the tech sector. ITProTV is an e-learning IT company that teaches people the skills they need to get a job in IT.
In recent years, the annual diversity reports of large tech companies still show that there are less women in technical positions than the average.
This heartbreakingly low representation of women in tech makes women feel isolated. Most of them lack female mentors or role models. They are forced to “give up” and deal with the “male culture” in their workplace. These are all major factors that prevent more women from achieving leadership roles.
While the underrepresentation in tech is not new, it is not surprising that there have been some improvements. However, we cannot deny that these advances are very slow-paced and require a lot more attention. This issue could become a major economic problem if it is not addressed. We can give you a hundred reasons why the tech world is still dominated by men.
It is clear that a diverse team can lead to superior innovation and technological growth. Here are the top three reasons we need more women in technology:

Diversity fosters creativity and innovation, which in turn generates more revenue. Heterogeneity in thought leads to better problem solving as collaboration with people of different genders, ethnicities, and races leads to greater innovation and improved problem-solving capabilities. When solving technical problems, diverse teams perform better than homogeneous. Source: PNAS
Employing and retaining more women gives companies an advantage over their competitors. Diverse work environments mean different ways of thinking and a greater ability to understand the needs of all members of a target population.
The Peterson Institute for International Economics published an international survey that included 22,000 firms worldwide. The researchers found that gender diversity is indeed a profitable strategy for companies. Source: PIIE
B2C businesses may not be able to market effectively to their target audience if there aren’t enough women in tech and corporate roles. This consumer base will decide where to spend their money, and technology will continue to invade every household. This can greatly impact the future success of tech-driven companies that do not consider women.
Catalyst, for example, reported that women worldwide spent an estimated US$31.8 trillion on consumer spending. Source: CATALYST.
According to other reports, they account for up to 80% of all traffic.