Study Guide for Certified OpenStack Administrators The Certified OpenStack Administrator certification was first launched in 2016. The OpenStack Foundation launched the certification in 2016. This certification is intended to help businesses and organizations identify top talent in the industry and help job seekers showcase their skills. Mirantis and OpenStack Foundation have combined their efforts to create the Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam (COA). As the COA exam returns in October 2019, aspirants are starting to prepare for it. This article will serve as a study guide for Certified OpenStack Administrators.

Information about the Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam Before you can get a feel for the Certified OpenStack Administrator Study Guide it is important to understand the details. The certifications offered by the OpenStack foundation require that the candidate can use combinations of HorizonUI and command line to demonstrate self-competencies in a variety of domains. The entire exam will take place online and the proctors will monitor it via webcam, remote screen viewing and audio channels. These facilities allow candidates to take the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam at their convenience and location. After that, candidates will need to present photo identification proof before the exam can be launched. You can find information on the different ID proofs that are acceptable at the official website. If you fail to present your ID proof to a proctor before the exam begins, the entry will be denied. The candidate will not be eligible to reschedule or receive a refund. The exam lasts 3 hours. Scores are collected and sent to candidates within 7-10 working days. The exam cannot be retaken and is only offered in English. The certification is valid for only 36 months after you have obtained it. The COA exam costs $400 and is scheduled according to the dates that are available at the time of purchase. The Certified OpenStack Administrators will be able to pass the exam and have the skills to manage and operate OpenStack cloud. Candidates seeking certification as COA must be able to identify and demonstrate the relevant domains and competencies. This exam is entirely based on performance. It will reflect the potential of OpenStack administrators with at least six months experience in the specific field. For the COA certification exam, the following topics are essential to be covered: Identity Management- It has an exam weight of 15%. Compute- It is a 35% weightage for the exam. Object Storage- It is 5% in weight for the exam. Block Storage- It is 10% weighted for the exam. Networking- It is 30% weighted for the exam. Image Management- It is a 5% weight for the exam. These topics will help you learn about the various skills you will acquire with your Certified OpenStack administrator certificate. These skills will allow you to pursue the career opportunities that are available after you have achieved this certification. OpenStack’s official website provides more information about these topics. Study Guide for the Certified OpenStack Administrator Certification Examination. If you are determined to pursue OpenStack Administrator certification, you will need to follow a proper Certified OpenStack Administrator Study guide or preparation pattern. These are the steps and how to get the COA certification. Preparing for the Exam Objectives. The first step is to study. You must study hard if you want to pass the exam the first time. You should not wait to register for the exam, but start studying and preparing for it immediately after you have decided to take it. Only when you feel ready to apply for the certification should you proceed. Your journey to become a Certified OpenStack Administrator will be a success, if you do your research well. You can also take a look at the OpenStack documentation and take online classes to learn the concepts. OpenStack Foundation is the official training partner for COA certification. Mirantis collaborated with it. It offers OpenStack classes to assist aspirants in preparing for the COA exam. Mirantis has also partnered with the foundation for management of upgraded COA examsi