Seven Failures of Really Useless Leaders

This London Times Online article by Moore and Sonsino, “The Seven Failings Of Really Useless Leaders: How To Inspire Your People to Higher Performance, Productivity, and Profitability” was found. It covers both functional and project management.
Although I haven’t read the book, the 7 failings made seem to make sense. However, they don’t necessarily re-invent or introduce new concepts. They are well-packaged and help reinforce the many “do” lists.
1. Micromanagement, coercion, and disrespect can kill enthusiasm. Emotional death by being aggressive, lacking empathy, and not supporting work-life balance. Inconsistent or insufficient communication can kill explanation. Engaging with a limited team goal and a demand that managers dictate the objectives is a way to kill engagement. Reward is destroyed by rewarding the wrong things and doing it the wrong way. For example, a cash bonus could be offered to someone who isn’t motivated by money.6 Culture is being destroyed, such as by not recognizing differences in work cultures or by ‘punishing risk-taking? while trying to create a culture of innovation; Inflicting trust through unfair decisions in hiring and rewarding staff.
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