See How Easy It Is to Find Career Development by foundphotoslj via flickr A while back, I wrote a post asking: “What Have you done for me lately?” Career development is a journey and not a destination. It is important to learn project management skills ….technical, business, and other related skills. I have used Telelogic DOORS for requirements management and have a good relationship with the company. We had a smart guy who did requirements management for my last project. He was an expert in DOORS, but I like to have enough information about my team so I can understand their needs. I did a lot of self-education about the DOORS tool, including playing with it to get a better understanding of its capabilities and use. Telelogic is now IBM and they offer free webinars that I wanted to let you know about. Here are the titles for some of their upcoming webinars.

  • Quality Assurance Begin with Requirements
  • A tools-based approach to achieving FSAM compliance
  • Key New Integrations to Enhance Synergy & Change
  • Systems Engineering Best Practices: How to Tame Complexity
  • Connecting Business and Development through Focal Point, Change and Synergy

I signed up for “Taming Complexity with Systems Engineering Best practices” They will likely offer lots of great content, and it won’t be a sales pitch. I don’t think it will be a sales pitch. Register for the one that interests you.