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Warehouse Structure in the Warehouse Management
SystemWarehouse NumberStorage TypeStorage SectionPicking AreaStorage BinQuantDoorStaging Area
Warehouse Management with Lean WM
Setting Up Lean WMExercisesBasic FunctionsNumber RangesForeground/Background ProcessingBar Code UseAuthorization ChecksArchiving and ReorganizationWarehouse Controlling
Planning and Monitoring
Rough Workload EstimateWave PicksWarehouse Activity MonitorBasic Stock Management]
Material Master DataThe Quant and Stock Management in WMTypes of StockStock CategoryUnits of MeasureBatch ManagementShelf Life Expiration DateStoring Materials in the WarehouseWM Interface to Inventory Management (IM)
Hazardous Materials Management
Hazardous Material RecordsHazardous Material Evaluation Reports
Warehouse Movements
Basics for Goods MovementsMovement Types in WM
Using Special Movement Indicators
Transfer RequirementTransfer OrderHandling DifferencesStorage of Pre-Picked Handling Units
Exercises Goods Receipt
Creating Transfer Orders Immediately at the IM PostingManual Creation of Transfer Orders for PutawayPosting a Goods Receipt Based on a Purchase OrderPosting Returns for DeliveriesGoods Receipt for InspectionReleasing Material from Inspection StockGoods Receipt Without a Previous Posting in IMNegative Stock CheckStock Placement Using Storage Unit TypesCross-Docking
Adding Goods to Existing Stock
ExercisesGoods IssueGoods Issues Based Upon a DeliveryGoods Issue Based on an IM PostingManual Creation of Transfer Orders for PickingGoods Issue for Production SupplyMultiple Processing2-Step PickingExercisesStock Transfers and ReplenishmentPlant/Storage Location to Plant/Storage LocationInternal Stock TransfersReplenishing Fixed Bins in the WarehouseCreating a Replenishment TO During TO Confirmation
ExercisesPosting Changes in WM
Processing Posting ChangesProcessing Posting Changes Entirely Within WMProcessing Inspection StockReleasing Consignment Stock from InspectionProcessing Blocked StockConverting Available Stock to Inspection StockChanging a Material NumberDividing Materials into Two or More BatchesChanging Stock Ownership from Plant to PlantStorage Locations in TRs, TOs and Posting ChangesExercisesPutaway and Picking Strategies
Putaway StrategiesAdditional Factors that Affect Search StrategiesPicking StrategiesStock Return MethodsExercisesStorage Unit ManagementWarehouse Management at the Storage Unit LevelSU-Managed Storage TypesPutaway using Storage Unit ManagementStock Picking Using Storage Unit ManagementSU-managed Bulk StorageStorage Unit DocumentsStorage Unit PreplanningBlocking Storage UnitsMultiple Processing for SU ManagementInventory
Controlling the Inventory ProcessTake Continuous InventoryTake Annual InventoryExecuting the Cycle Counting Inventory MethodTake Continuous Inventory Based on PutawayRun a Zero Stock Check