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SAP PS Online training Course Duration – 45 Hours
1. SAP Overview and the position of SAP PS in PLM environment and Navigation.
2. Introduction to SAP Project Systems and discussions on different Project Types.
3. SAP Organizational Hierarchy and its related integration with other Modules
4. Complete discussions on the Project Phases.
Concept phase
Rough Cost planning Phase
Detailed Cost planning Phase
Budgeting Phase
Project Execution phase
Project Closing phase.
5. Project structuring process Configuration 
Project Numbering using Special Characters and Project Coding Mask
Project Types
Different Project Profiles.
Project Profile and its important attributes or Key Performance Indicators
 6. Project Structuring Process discussions
Project Definition
WBS Elements
Operative Indicators and its importance in the Project.
 7. Different Project Creation Methods
Project Creation from Scratch
Project Creation by copying functionality
Project Creation using Project Planning Board
Project Creation using Assembly Processing and its related configuration includesRequirement Class, Planning Strategy, Prerequisites for Assembly Processing and Execution of the process result.
8. Templates and Standard WBS discussions
Methods of Creating Templates and its relevant attributes.

 9. Templates and Standard Network discussions
Methods of Creating Standard Network and its relevant attributes.
  10. Concept of Networks and its related configuration
Definition of Network b) Network Type c) Network Type parameters
Network Scheduling parameters e) Network Conformation parameters
Network Availability Control parameters g) Network Print Control parameters
Network Profile
11. Activity Nomenclature in Projects12. Dates and Scheduling in Projects using Project Planning Board
WBS Scheduling profile b) Network scheduling parameters
Options in the Project planning Board

13. Different Activities used in Project Systems
Internal Processing Activity including work center, Capacity and its required related Controlling Master data.
External processing Activity including purchasing and Commitments discussion.
General Cost Activity
Service Activity
14. Material Behaviour in Project Systems.
a) BOM discussions b) BOM Transfer to Project Systems using BOM-PS Interfacec) Procurement Parameters discussions
MRP discussions and Project based MRP Execution.
MRP Project based Manufacturing Cycle including Production Order discussion
MRP Project based Procurement Cycle and purchasing order processing.
Overview of Project Systems based Variant Configuration.

15. Cost Planning Methods in Project Systems.
Easy Cost Planning Method: Costing Variant, Planning Profile, Costing Modelsusing Templates and its related Configuration.
Hierarchical Cost Planning Method
Unit Cost planning Method
16. Budgeting
Budgeting Profile and its related attributes
Availability Control in Project Budgeting.
  17.  Settlement Process
Settlement Profile
Settlement Rule
Settlement Execution process.
18. Project Cost actual line item report and its importance in Legal, Management andFinancial Reporting.
19. Project Closing and Status handling in Project Systems.
20. Resources in Project Systems
Work Centers
Capacity Planning and its related formulas.
21. Integration Project Processes using CATS in Time and Material Based.
Project Systems with CATS in Time and Material based Projectsa) HR Mini master for Time Recordingb) Data Entry Profilec) Time booking d) Time releasing and Approval processe) Time Transfer to Target components f) Technical info like the Tables used in  CATSf) Work force planning and its related configurationg) Settlement and project closing process.
Project Systems with Investment Management processa) Investment Program Definition and Program Typeb) Investment Program Structurec) Appropriation Request Type and Appropriation Request Creation.d) Creating Measure from Appropriate Request3. Project Systems with Fixed Assets process (Only from PS Perspective)4. Sales Project / Customer Projects with Milestones.
22. Faculty Experiences from different Implementations- Case Studies- Critical Issues.
Implementation projects b) Support Projects
Development Projects d) Upgrade Projects e) Training Project
Optimization and Auditing Projects g) SOX Enhancement Projects.
23. SAP Project Deliverables, Sample of the Deliverable and its related Explanation.24. Certification Questions, Interview Questions, doubts and integration aspects to otherModules.