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SAP PP Online training
Course content
Stage 1
Understanding ERP and SAP as an ERP
Architecture of SAP
Discuss on the implementation methodology and importance ofthe same
Importance of SAP PP as a functional module
Stage 2
PP total flow understanding
Stage 3
Master Data Overview
Material Master
Production Versions
Importance as per business needs
Stage 4
Master planning
Sales Operations Planning
Demand Management
Long term Planning 2
Stage 5
Process review
Process overview and flow to demand management
Forecasting process and MRP control
Example with real Business Process
Stage 6
Material requirement planning
Process review
MRPConsumption Based Planning
Lot Size Procedures
Example with real Business Process
Stage 7
Scheduling process
Capacity planning
Example with real Business Process
Stage 8
Complete understanding of business process in DiscreteManufacturing
Master Data involved
Configurations needs
Stage 9
REM process review
Master Data involved
Configuration needs
Stage 10
Support Process discussion
PP/PI overview
PP cross module integration

Expected training hours: 40 to 50 hours (approx.)