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SAP HR Online training
Introduction to SAP R/3Introduction to Net weaver/Portal ConceptsIntroduction to Authorization ConceptsExplanation of Project Execution MethodologiesOverview of SAP HR Modules
Organizational Management
Personnel Management
Personnel Development
Training & Event Management
Travel Management
Time management
Introduction of New Dimensional Modules
Organizational Management
Oranizational Management is the basis for organizational and reporting structures for the companies.Oranizational plan is defined which depicts the enterprise workforce structure of the present organization.
Explanation of OM ConceptsCreation and Maintenance of OM StructuresOM Integrations with other functional modulesWorkflow concepts
Personnel Administration
Personnel Administration defines the processing of Employee related tasks such as Attendance,Leave,Transfers,Hiring,maternity leaves
Explanation of PA processesConfiguration of PA structuresExecution of PA Business processesMaintaining Master dataImportance of PA groupingsPayroll dependency and related configurations
Time Management
Time management defines the processes involving the planning,recording and valuation of employees work performed.Time management is integrated to Payroll which is the base for valuation of Wages.
Time Management Concepts and ProcessesWork SchedulesTime Recording ConfigurationsTime Data Recording and AdministrationTime Evaluation ConceptsTime Evaluation ConfigurationsTime Evaluation ProcessesAttendence/Absence ConfigurationGeneration of clock times/error checksTime statementsTime Schemas and PCRs
Benefits AdministrationReportingInfotypes
Payroll concepts and processMandatory infotypesPayroll area creation and control recordPayroll driverGarnishmentsPayroll ConfigurationsPayroll Schemas & PCRsPayroll data                                                                                  Payroll activities Payroll FormsCluster Analysis and Log AnalysisPayroll Postings to FIData Medium ExchangeYear end activitiesPayroll reports
Project Orientation and Job Oriented ConceptsReal time concepts and ProcessesTechniques to get through in Interviews