SAP APO online training Course by Real time Experts

SAP APO Course Course Duration – 50 Hours
• SCM Overview• Supply Chain Model• SAP APO – Overview• DP, SNP, PPDS, GATP, TPVS – Overview
Module 1: Demand Planning Course (SCM 220) ( 20 Hrs )
1. Supply Chain Model
• Overview of the planning concepts and data structures
2. Demand Planning Configuration
Planning Object Structure
Characteristic Value Combinations
Generate master data (characteristics combinations and proportional factors)
Planning Areas
Proportional Factors
Define the planning levels for creating aggregated plans
3. Planning Books and Data Views
Creating Planning Books and Data views
4. Interactive Planning
Navigation in the Interactive Planning Table
Analyzing Data in the Interactive Planning Table
Additional Features of the Interactive Planning Table
Collaborative Planning (exchanging data between the customer and manufacturer overthe Internet)
5. Forecasting
Executing a Univariate Forecast
Determining the Best Forecast Method
Causal Analysis . Multiple Linear Regression
Composite Forecast
Forecast Alert Profile
6. Lifecycle Planning
Lifecycle Planning
Product Interchangeability
7. Promotion Planning
Promotional Planning
8. Mass Processing
Mass processing planning tasks in the background
Release the results of Demand Planning as a planned independent demand
9. The Internal Business Warehouse
The Internal SAP SCM Business Warehouse
Transfer aggregated historical data to the internal APO BW system

Module 2: Supply Network Planning Course (SCM 230) ( 20 Hrs )
1. Supply Network Planning: An Overview
Supply Chain Modeling
Supply Chain Planning
Overview of supply-chain planning (SNP) with SAP SCM, integration with DP and PP/DS
2. Master Data and Transaction Data in SNP
Exchange master and transaction data with SAP ECC
Create master data for Supply Network Planning Product interchangeability
The Production Data Structure
Scheduling in Supply Network Planning
Quota Arrangements and Source Determination in SNP
Transaction Data in Supply Network Planning
3. SNP Configuration
Planning Areas
Planning Books
Macros and Alerts
Navigation in the Planning Table
4. The Supply Network Planning Heuristic
SNP Heuristic Run
Capacity Check and Leveling
Planning Supplier Constraints using the SNP Heuristic
SNP Heuristic Scheduling
5. SNP Run Using Capable to Match
Capable-to-Match Process
Descriptive Characteristics in CTM
Alternative Resources in CTM
Finite Supplier Planning in CTM
6. Optimization in Supply Network Planning
Supply Network Planning with the Optimizer
Optimizer Costs
Profiles Used by the Optimizer
Parameters of the Optimization Run
Comparing SNP Planning Methods
7. Safety Stock Planning
Safety Stock Planning in SNP
8. Deployment and the Transport Load Builder
Basics of Deployment
Deployment Run
Transport Load Builder
Module 3: Core Interface Course (SCM 210) ( 10 Hrs )
1. Architecture of Integration
Business system group, logical systems, target systems, RFC destinations)
Architecture of the integration of ERP systems (SAP ECC) with the SCM(APO) system
2. Transfer of Master Data
Master Data Overview
Integration Model Master Data
Master Data for Transfer of Data Changes
3. SAP APO Master Data
Product master
Production Process Model
Production Data Structure
Mass Maintenance of APO Master Data
Transfer master data as an initial and change transfer (transfer plants, distributioncenters, customers, suppliers, materials, work centers, task lists, BOMs from SAP ECC)
4. Models and Planning VersionsModels and Planning Versions
5. Transfer of Transaction Data
Transaction Data Overview
Integration Model Transaction Data
Transfer transaction data as an initial and change transfer (stock, orders from SAP ECCand retransfer of planning results to SAP ECC)
6. Monitoring/Error Handling
Monitor and handle transfer errors (application log, qRFC monitor)Module 4: Global Available-to-Promise – Overview ( 7 Hrs )
Overview of Availability Management in ECC-APO
Principles and configuration of Availability Check
Check using Product Allocations
Advanced Methods
Rule-based Check
Module 5: Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling –Overview ( 8 Hrs )
Overview of PPDS, Prerequisites, Prod. Planning with ECC
Master Data & Transaction data Integration with ECC, SNP, DP, GATP
Production Planning Strategies (Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock)
Planning HeuristicsOther Topics• Live Cache – Administration, Consistency Checks• APO Master & Transaction data• APO BI Integration – In & Out• ABAP for APO – Overview• BASIS for APO – Overview• Real Time scenarios• Exercises