Sample Questions for AZ303 Exam Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Expert

Here are some sample questions to help you pass the AZ303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies certification exam. This article will help you answer 10 multiple-choice questions. Once you have verified the correct answer, you will be able to quickly grab your certificate.
Here’s the Quiz:
You are creating an Azure solution. The solution must meet the following requirements:Distribute traffic to different pools of dedicated virtual machines (VMs) based on rules.Provide SSL offloading capabilities.Now, you need to recommend a solution to distribute network traffic. Which technology would you recommend? Choose one:a. Azure Traffic Managerb. Server-level firewall rulesc. Azure Application Gatewayd. Azure Load Balancer
An Azure Resource Manager template is available for download that is based on an existing virtual computer. This template can be used to create 100 virtual machines. To reference an administrative password, you will need to modify the template. The password must not be stored in plain text. What policy would you use to store the password’s information? Choose one:a. Azure Active Director (AD) Identity Protection and an Azure Policy.b. A Recovery Services vault and a backup strategy. An Azure Storage account with an access policy. An Azure Storage account and an access policy
WebApp1 is a web application that uses the Azure App Service plan Plan1. Plan1 uses the D1 pricing plan and has an instance count 1. WebApp1 must be connected using HTTPS. What would you do first? Choose one:a. Scale up Plan1.b. WebApp1.c. can be disabled anonymously Modify the connection strings to WebApp1.d. Scale-out Plan1.
You have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant named that contains 100 user accounts. Ten Azure AD Premium P2 licenses are purchased for the tenant. You must ensure that 10 users have access to all Azure AD Premium features. What would you do? Choose one:a. Add an enterprise applicationb to the Azure AD domain. Invite users to join a group by using the Groups blade on each user. Assign a license from the Licenses blade in Azure AD. Modify the directory role of each user by accessing the Directory role blade.
Two Azure SQL Database-managed instances are located in different Azure regions. You plan to add the managed instances to an instance failover group. What configuration should you make before you can add managed instances to an instance failover group. Choose one:a. An Azure Application Gateway that has managed instances in a backend poolsb. An internal Azure Load Balancing instance that has managed instance ends in a backend poolsc. Azure Private Link has endpoints on two virtual networkd. A Site-to-Site VPN between virtual networks that contain the instances
Your company has an Azure subscription. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), must be enabled for all users. According to the company’s help desk, there has been an increase in calls from users who are receiving MFA requests while working from the main office. What should you do to stop users from receiving MFA requests while they are logged in from the main office? Choose one:a. Create a custom control from Conditional access in Azure Active Directory. Create a named location from Conditional access in Azure Active Directory. Create a trusted IP range using the MFA service settings. From Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), configure organizational relationships.
You have an Azure subscription called Subscription1. Subscription1 contains the following resource groups. RG1 has a webapp named WebApp1. WebApp1 can be found in West Europe.
WebApp1 is moved to RG2. What would the effect be of the move? Choose one:a. The App Service plan WebApp1 moves into North Europe. WebApp1b is covered by Policy2. The App Service plan WebApp1 remains in West Europe. WebApp1c is covered by Policy2. WebA App Service Plan