Sample Questions for AWS Professional Level Solutions Architecture Certification Exam

These are additional questions for the AWS Professional Level Certification Exam, Solutions Architect. Below is a brief description of the answers to these questions. If you need a more detailed answer or have any questions, please leave them in the comments section and I will try to answer them.
Your company asked you create a mobile app that is similar to Twitter. JavaScript was chosen to make the application compatible with a wide range of devices, browsers, and tablets. Your application should provide access to Amazon DynamoDB to store the good deed summaries, but you observe sudden spikes in your dynamo db usage,Which option provides the most cost effective and scalable architecture for this application?Autoscale Dynamo db
To meet peak loads, increase Dynamo db’s write capacity
To handle sudden spikes of dynamoDB, create a service that pulls and writes SQS messages to DynamoDB.
Launch DynamoDB Multi-AZ configuration with a global Index to Balance Writes

Redshift is used to analyze large amounts of data. Each query by the first team takes around 1-2 hours, while the second team takes only a few minutes to analyze the data. The second team’s queries should not be delayed until the long running queries are finished. How can you solve the problem economically? Create a read replica red shift and run the second team’s queries using this read replica
If the current Redshift cluster is busy processing long query queries, you can start a new Redshift cluster from snapshot.
Stop asking long questions and then resume your queries
You can create two distinct groups for managing workloads and assign them to the respective teams.

You need to ensure high consistency. For example, if an object is modified by users in origin, it should reflect in cloudfront immediately. Use the cloudfront fast invalidate feature to achieve this.
TTL set to 10 seconds
TTL set to 0 seconds
Cloudfront cannot serve dynamic content
To enable this feature, you will need to contact AWS support.

You have an application that receives a lot of traffic. So you enable autoscaling in multi availability zones to meet your needs. However, you notice that one availability zone is not receiving any traffic. What could be wrong? Autoscaling is only available for a single availability zone.
Autoscaling is possible for multi-AZ only in the north virginia region
Elastic load balancer does not add availability zone
To be added to the availability zone manually, instances must be manually entered

You have a large social networking application that is already in use in N.Virginia with approximately 100 EC2 instances. You want to expand your application to other regions to increase availability. You don’t want multiple key pairs, but you want to reuse key pairs from N.Virginia. How can you do this? Key pair is not a regional concept. All keys are globally available.
To transfer keys to different regions, use the copy key command line API
Using import key-pair feature using AWS web console
Copy the AMI of your EC2 device between regions and create an instance using that AMI

Let’s say you host a website in an S3 bucket. Your users load the website endpoint You want to use CSS on web pages stored in a different bucket that is also public. But layout on the client browser is not loading properly what might have gone wrongYou can configure your bucket to explicitly enable cross-origin requests from
Modify the bucket policy of css bucket in order to be able to access website bucket
Modify the bucket policy of website bucket to be able to access cssbucket