Sample Questions for AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification Part 1

AWS has been the leader of Cloud Computing for over 10 years. Every developer who works on building scalable applications on AWS should strive to become an Amazon Developer. I was the same mindset that I had when I appeared for the developer certification. Learn more about the AWS Developer Associate Certificate here.
These are some sample questions for AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification. The answers are at the bottom. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section.

AWS Fundamentals
1. What is a worker in relation to SWF?
a. Workers are programs that interact directly with Amazon SWF to receive tasks, process them, and return the results.
b. Workers are ec2 instances that can create s3 buckets or process SQS messages
c. Workers are people who work in warehouses to process orders for Amazon
d. Workers is the component of IIS that runs on Windows platform under the w3wp.exe procedure
2. Which of the following statements about DynamoDB is true? (Select any 2).
A. DynamoDB uses Transaction-Level Read Consistency
b. DynamoDB uses optimistic concurrency management
c. DynamoDB uses conditional write for consistency
d. DynamoDB limits item access during reads
e. DynamoDB restricts item access during writes
Designing and developing
1. 600 cameras are monitored by a security system. Images are saved every minute to an Amazon DynamoDB database. Each sample contains 1 kb data. Data writes are evenly distributed.
What is the write throughput required to reach the target table?
a. 6000
b. 10
c. 3600
d. 60
e. 600
2. DynamoDB will respond to any read request with the most current data. This response will reflect the updates from all previous write operations that were successful.
a. Eventual Consistent Readings
b. Conditional reads for consistency
c. Consistent and Strongly Confirmed Reads
3. You run a query operation that returns all data attributes for the selected items. You only want to see a few attributes. DynamoDB will help you to achieve this.
a. This is impossible
b. Use ProjectExpression
c. Use ExpressionAttribute
d. Use projectionExpression
Security and deployment
Which of the following platforms is currently supported by AWS Elastic Beanstalk? (select any 2)
A. Java with Apache
b. IBM with Websphere
c. .Net
d. Perl
2. Which of these features allows organizations to leverage a federation server commercially as an identity bridge, providing single sign-on into AWS without the need for user keys or additional sign-on?
a. Web Identification Services
b. Web Identity Federation
c. Active Directory Authentication Services
d. SAML federation
3. Your web service is using CPU cycles by constantly polling SQS Queries for messages. How can this be avoided?
a. Instead of SQS, use Elasticache to cache messages.
b. b.
c. Modify webservice code to poll only a few minutes
d. SQS automatically pushes messages into the web service, so this should be no problem
The output named BackupLoadBalancerDNSName returns the DNS name of the resource with the logical ID of BackupLoadBalancer.
Which of these is a valid AWS CloudFormation template?
a. “Outputs” : {“BackupLoadBalancerDNSName” : “Description”: “The DNSName of the backup load balancer”,”Value”: “Ls::GetAtt” : [ “BackupLoadBalancer”, “DNS” ],
b. “Outputs” : {“BackupLoadBalancerDNSName” : “Description”: “The DNSName of the backup load balancer”,”Value”: “Fn::GetAtt” : [ “BackupLoadBalancer”, “DNSName” ],
c. “Outputs” : {“BackupLoadBalancerDNSName” : {“Description”: