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python online courseCourse Duration – 20 Hours
Python Programming Course Objectives
Introduction to Python
Introduction to Python, Advantages of Python, Running Python Scripts, Assignments, Data Types; Strings, Integers, Floats,Complex. Functions, Conditional Expressions, Lists, Modules.
Variables & Expressions
Definining, Dynamic Typing, Strong Typing, Internals, Simple Expressions, Boolean Evaluation, Truthiness,
Branching (if /elseif/ else), Block Structure and White space, Multiple Cases
Advanced Types: Containers
Lists, Strings Revisited, Tuples, Dictionaries, Sets, Collection Transitions, A Bit More Iteration, Loop-Else
Defining, Arguments, Mutable Arguments and Binding of Default Values, Accepting Variable Arguments
Unpacking Argument Lists, Scope
Basic Error Handling, Code Organization, Namespaces, Importing modules, Creating Modules.
Working with Files & Regular Expressions
File I/O, Interacting with the Outside World, Options, Regular Expressions (re)
Functional Programming
Functions as Objects, Higher-Order Functions, Sorting: An Example of Higher-Order Functions, Anonymous
Nested Functions, Closures, Lexical Scoping, Useful Function Objects: operator, Decorators
Advanced Iteration
List Comprehensions, Generator Expressions, Generator Functions, Iteration Helpers: itertools
Object-Oriented Programming
Classes/Objects, Emulation, classmethod and staticmethod, Inheritance, Encapsulation, ABC, CGI
Programming, Database
Access, Networking, Sending Email, Multithreading.
Debugging & Unit Testing Python Modules
Debugging Python program using PDB, Writing and running test case and checking test case results using