Project Management Methodology: Which One is Right for Digital Agencies?

Advertising is a core pillar of the media and commerce industries. Digital project managers are in high demand. As organizations move from traditional to digital, more companies will need digital project managers. Digital Marketing Firm today hires digital project managers to streamline all activities, deliver projects at a faster pace, and beat their competitors.
What is Project Management Methodology?
In this evolving digital world, having the right Project ManagementMethodology is fundamentally essential. Project management could be considered a relatively new discipline. In reality, however, project management has been practiced by humans since before the Great Wall, the pyramids at Giza, and probably even before that.
It is impossible to imagine that the pyramids were constructed in an improvised manner. Instead, there were plans, equipment, budgets, and all that we would recognize as project management.
This article lists a number of tools that can be used to help marketing and creative teams keep track of their tasks, projects, and to-dos. Each of the project management tools or softwares mentioned below has an intuitive interface and regular updates.
Project management methods can be used to achieve different goals in business. Some methods are suited for rapid growth while others are more comprehensive. The only way to determine which one is right for you is to assess the needs of your team members, the project type and its scope.
What are the best methods to learn?
Once you have understood the methodology definition, it is time to be familiar with the most popular methods.
This is a traditional waterfall approach. It is a linear approach, which means that all processes are directed in the same direction. It is the name of the next plan. This methodology was first used in the manufacturingindustry. Its characteristics made it easy to use in the structure processes.
Waterfall’s main advantage is that each step is pre-planned and assessed before.
Who should choose this method?
The cascade method can be used for large projects that have clearly defined steps and the appropriate documentation. The waterfall can also be used in projects that have a defined timeline.
1. Agile
From some perspectives, Agile is the same as Waterfall. It is also focused on software development and was created to address the issues that Waterfall faced. This methodology fills in the gaps Waterfall leaves, making it more accessible. Agile is more iterative, with a focus on collaboration and recognition.
Agile allows for the flexibility that the developer of projectmanagement methods desires.
Because it offers freedom, agile almost eliminates risk
Project failure is reduced to a minimum
2. Critical Path Method
Critical Path Method, also known by CPM, is a method that focuses on resources. CPM is a methodology that helps developers deal with the interdependencyof resources. It involves sorting tasks in a project according to dependency and timeline. Developers can use the critical path method to establishrelationships between tasks that are dependent on each other.
It allows administrators to better plan all tasks.
Second, managers can make changes to the timeline at any time due to the fact that this method allows them to prioritize certain tasks and delay others.
3. Hybrid
The ideal combination of all the methods would be the best. This hybrid approach is flexible and structured, making them suitable for a varietyof projects. Combining the e