Preparation Guide to GCP Network Engineer Certification Blog

Do you need to study a lot in order to pass the GCP Network Engineer certification? Are you sure that you are doing it right? A single cram session will not suffice!
Experts can help you understand the details of the certification exam. You will also gain a better understanding about the study methods and test-taking strategies that pay off when it comes to exam time. We also said that certification exams are neither fun nor easy. We’re going to show you how to pass the GCP Network Engineer exam.
Before we jump-start our preparatory guide let’s first take a look at the exam details as well as all information related to certification. Let’s get started.
Exam Overview: GCP Network Engineer
A Professional Cloud Network Engineer is a person who manages and executes network architectures within the Google Cloud Platform. The exam primarily focuses on the validation and acknowledgement of candidates’ skills to fulfill the role of Professional Cloud Network Engineer. These are the skills that the Professional Cloud Network Engineer exam will validate.
Plan, design, and prototype a GCP Network
Install a GCP Virtual Private Cloud.
Configure network services
Use hybrid interconnectivity
Secure your network
This is a professional certification. Before appearing for the Professional Cloud Network Engineer exam, there are some requirements.
First, you must have at least one year of experience with Google Cloud Platform.
Second, he/she should have worked with architects to create the infrastructure.
Consequently, I have a lot of experience in the implementation and security of network architectures.
Last but not the least, successful cloud implementations can be achieved using the command-line interface or the Google Cloud Platform console.
All Exam Details Here!
Now you know the basics of the Professional Cloud Network Engineer exam. Now let’s move on to the most important criteria of the certification. exam details. This professional certification exam is extremely important. It is crucial to fully understand and follow every detail. We won’t leave any detail out of this section!
Basic Exam Details
You’ll feel confident and more positive once you get to the examination centre. The exam format is familiar and will increase your confidence. The Professional Cloud Network Engineer exam lasts 120 minutes (2 hours). There may be many types of questions that the candidate will encounter. These include multiple choices and multiple select. The exam is only available in English. The registration fee is USD 200. There are no prerequisites. The recommended experience is the following:
More than three years industry experience, including more than one year designing and managing GCP solutions.
The certification expires after you are certified. It is valid for only 2 years.
Course Outline: GCP Network Engineer
The most important aspect of the exam is the course outline. The course outline will help you all to understand the exam objective at a deeper level. The course outline should be reviewed so that one has a clear understanding of all the topics.
The Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification consists of seven main domains, which are as follows:
Domain 1 Designing, planning, prototyping and prototyping a GCP Network
First, design the overall network architecture
Second, create a Virtual Private Cloud.
The next step is to create a hybrid network.
Finally, design a Googl container IP addressing plan