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Global Knowledge rated the GCP Cloud Architect certification as one of the highest-paying IT certifications in 2019. This program provides candidates with the skills necessary to become professional cloud architects. It also recommends training in preparation for the well-known GCP Cloud Architect certification. GCP Cloud Architects should be well-versed in all aspects of corporate cloud strategy, solution development, and architectural best practice.
This article will help you prepare for the GCP Cloud Architect Exam.
Benefits of becoming a GCP Cloud Architect
Let’s start by discussing the benefits of being a GCP cloud Architect. The applicant will be able distribute solution elements. These elements include infrastructure elements like networks, systems, applications services and networks. Through a variety of lab assignments, they also gain practical experience. A professional certified GCP cloud architect is job-ready and can expect a generous salary package.
Additionally, the GCP Cloud Architect is well-versed in the Google cloud platform as well as cloud architecture. They ensure that the business’ objectives are met by delivering scalable, dynamic, and highly accessible solutions.
GCP Cloud Architect: An Overview
You can work on your skills and increase your knowledge in the areas that GCP services includes Networking, Databases Storage, Containers App Engine, Virtual Machines, Security, and Storage. GCP cloud architect certification is more difficult than other cloud architect certifications. The GCP cloud architect exam, on the other hand, is designed to assess the candidate’s knowledge in concepts such as infrastructure services and logging and monitoring, Autoscaling/HA-Core Platform, storage, and database.
A certificate of completion will be issued to the candidate after he or she has successfully completed the GCP cloud architect exam. This certificate can be shared with your professional network as well as potential employers.
An expert cloud architect will help organizations maximize Google Cloud technologies. The cloud architecture suits the following:
First, the list includes developers, lead developers, and information technology (IT) experts who are currently familiar with Google cloud platforms services or any public cloud platforms services.
Second, anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the areas of private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud deployment.
Those who wish to improve their knowledge and skills through the GCP Cloud architect certification and gain an understanding of GCP Cloud platform.
Exam Details
Let’s get to the basics of the GCP Cloud Architect exam.
The exam lasts for 2 hours. The exam will take 120 minutes to complete. The candidate should also be able to complete the exam in two hours.
Here’s the answer to your confusion about the language of this exam. This exam is available in English and Spanish as well as Japanese and Portuguese.
$200 (USD) will be charged for the GCP Cloud Architect examination, excluding tax.
The format of the questions will also be multiple select and multiple choice. The test will be administered in person at a test center.
To pass the GCP cloud architect exam, candidates must score at least 80%.
You should also visit the official website to register.
Moreover, the GCP Cloud Architect certificate, just like other google certifications is valid for 2 years. After that, you will need to renew your certification.
Additionally, candidates who fail the exam must wait 14 days before attempting to retake it. If anyone fails two times, there will be a second attempt.