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Oracle BI Suite EE – Build Repositories
Pre-requisitesGood work experience on SQLKnowledge on Datawarehousing 1) OBIEE Repository Basics
OBIEE 10g Architecture Components
Oracle BI Presentation Services
Oracle BI Server
Oracle BI Repository
Data Sources
Creating a new Repository using Admin Tool
Introduction to NQSConfig.ini file
2) Physical Layer:-
Importing Data Sources
Setting up Connection Pool Properties
Defining Keys and Joins
Examining Physical Layer Object Properties
Creating Alias
3) Business Model and Mapping Layer
Create a new Business Model
Creating Logical Tables and Logical Table sources (LTS)
Defining Logical Joins
Building Measures
Examining Business Model Object Properties
4) Presentation Layer
Creating Presentation layer Objects
Exploring Presentation Layer Objects
Modifying Presentation Layer Objects
Examining Presentation Layer Objects
5) Repository Validation
Checking Repository Consistency
Turning on Logging
Testing a repository using Oracle BI Answers
Inspecting the Query Log
6) Adding Measure to Fact table
Creating Measure based on Existing Logical columns
Creating Measure based on Existing physical columns
Creating Measure Using Calculation Wizard
7) Dimension Hierarchies
Creating Dimension Hierarchies
Creating Level Based Measure
Creating Share Measure
Creating Rank Measure
8) Modeling Aggregates
Purpose of Aggregate tables in the Dimensional Modeling
Modeling aggregate table to improve query performance
Using the Aggregate Persistence Wizard
9) Variables
Session Variable
Repository Variable
Initialization Block
Using the variable manager
10) Modeling Time Series Data
Using Time Comparisons in Business analysis
Using Oracle BI time series Functions to model Time Series Data
11) Setting Implicit Fact
Steps for configuring implicit fact column
12) Security
Adding a User to the repository
Setting User Permissions
Administrator Account
13) Cache Management
Advantages of Caching
Configuring Query Cache
Configuring the Cache Parameters
Setting Caching and Cache Persistence for Tables
Using the Cache Manager
Good work experience on SQL
Knowledge on Datawarehousing
OBIEE : Build repositories (course 1)
1) Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
Introduction to Oracle BI Answers
Working with requests in Oracle BI Answers
2) Filtering Requests in Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
Introduction to Filters in Answers
Adding Filter Prompts to Requests
Using Saved Requests as filter
3) Views and Charts in Requests
Introduction to Answers views and charts
Creating a column selector view
4) Showing results with pivot table
Introduction to Pivot table
Formatting Pivot tables
5) Creating Interactive Dashboard
Introduction to Dashboard and pages
Dashboard Editor UI Elements
Composing Dashboard Elements
6) Configuring Interactive Dashboards
Types of Dashboard content
Embedding content in dashboard
7) Administering Presentation Catalog
Maintaining Presentation Catalog
Maintaining Security
Understanding Security Inheritance