MobLab + MindTap: A Modern Digital Economics Playground

It can be difficult to keep students interested in Economics while teaching it. Experiments and games are a great way to keep students engaged while teaching Economics concepts.

The History of Economics Experiments and Games In the Classroom
Edward Chamberlain, in the late 1940’s, was the first to use experiments in Economics class. These activities allow students to connect economic theories to real-world applications. This leads to increased interest, critical thinking, and real learning.
Although Economics experiments are great for getting students’ attention, they require a lot of effort and time on the part of the instructor to create and implement them in the classroom. Premade experiments can be created and provided by a digital provider. Paul Romer, Nobel Prize winner, created Aplia in 2000. He knew that instructors would appreciate the ability to provide experiments and homework assignments. Aplia’s basic experiments were extremely popular. Students and instructors found them easy to use and easy to implement.
Cengage launched MindTap, an online learning platform that was more robust years later. This online learning platform allows instructors to personalize the online experience and offers students a wealth resources and activities. MindTap uses Aplia to drive its homework assignments. MobLab has partnered with MindTap to provide an amazing suite of Economics experiments that can be integrated into the MindTap platform for no additional cost.

MobLab Games in MindTap
Each of the 25 MobLab experiment in MindTap can all be played in just minutes. This gives instructors plenty of time to analyze real-time data and dig into student-generated data for interesting discussion. Instructors can also use MindTap’s MobLab to poll students and record attendance.
Here are a few Economics games that you can play in your classroom. Click on each one to see the game description and instructions.
Inflation and Interest Rates
Insurance Markets
Asset Market (Bubbles and Crashes)
Price Discrimination
Competitive Market with Subsidy, Tax and Price Controls

How to start using MobLab Experiments in MindTap
Instructors can add experiments and games to the MindTap learning pathway with just a few clicks. These activities have been a great way for instructors to increase class participation, student feedback, and retention of course material. The result is an educational experience that is dynamic, comprehensive, and fluid.

This video tutorial will show you how to use MindTap’s MobLab.

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