Making Agile Work with Metagility (With David Bishop from Agile Worx – The Digital Project manager

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Audio Transcription:
Ben Aston
Let me guess, you tried Waterfall but it didn’t work. Then you tried Agile, but that doesn’t really work either.
Ben Aston
Now you can mix and match. Now you have a scoop of Agile, a scope Waterfall, and you are trying to find sprinkles to top it all. Listen to today’s podcast on metagility. You might even learn something about how to use an Agile playbook to combine the best of both.
Ben Aston
Thank you for tuning in. Ben Aston is the founder of Digital Project Manager. Welcome to the DPM podcast. We are on a mission help project managers succeed and help people manage projects better. We are here to help you elevate your project management skills. Check out to learn about the training and resources we offer through membership. Clarizen, the leader in Enterprise Project Management Software and Portfolio Management Software, brought this podcast to you. is a great place to learn more.
Ben Aston
Today, David Bishop joins me. Dr. David Bishop is a technologist. He is a consultant. He is a research entrepreneur and instructor who has more than 25 years experience in the areas of telecom, transportation, government, utilities, and other related industries. Agile Worx, LLC is his company’s CEO and founder. has more information. They offer software tools for program and project management, training, and consulting services. He’s also the author of Metagility, Managing Agile Development for Competitive Edge. David, thank you so much.
David Bishop
Thank you for having us.
Ben Aston
And I want you to dive into the whole idea of creating a framework from nothing. We would like to know a little bit about you and your decision to create a new framework for the world. What was your path, what was your experience that got you to this point?
David Bishop
Right. Right. I’ve been in technology development for approximately 25 years. I worked mainly as a systems engineer and systems architect, creating new technologies and developing solutions. I also work in the IT industry, including the IATA business, cellular and telecom, and all the rest. I was able to work with an industrial IoT company about 10 years ago. One of their goals was to adopt Agile methods.
Ben Aston
David Bishop
It’s because their customers asked for it because they weren’t in a new industry. They were in a new industry that was relatively new in technology. They were trying to get into this industry. There were many competitors who were also developing smart grid technology that could communicate with RF signals.
That was the driving force behind all of this technology. So. They tried many times to adopt Agile as it was crucial for them to use Agile to get their products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. They tried many times, hired many highly paid consultants and failed miserably. Time after time. This was my part. I was a part of this team that developed these products.