Is the CISM worth it?

There comes a time in every career and every job where people have to decide whether they want to remain on the technical side or move into a managerial role. It’s something you see a lot in Information Technology/Information Security (IT/IS) jobs. It’s true that 30 years of technical knowledge and mastery over hundreds of tools, utilities, and technologies is a huge asset. Some people are better at managing operations and overseeing the overall operation.
ISACA’s Certified Information Security Manager (or CISM) certification is the perfect tool for IT professionals who want to move in a managerial direction, especially data security professionals. A professional certification in IT/IS Management like the CISM will help you better understand IT operations and make you more attractive to job seekers.
What is the CISM?
ISACA’s specialized certification, the Certified Information Security Manager (or CISM), is a top-of-the-line certification. ISACA was once Information Systems Audit and Control Association. However, they changed their name to ISACA to reflect the complexity and depth of the IT/IS industry and the coverage that ISACA provides. They now certify information security professionals in all levels of expertise and in many specialties.
The CISM industry certification is earned by IT professionals who want to focus their careers in information security management. Unlike other ISACA certifications the CISM doesn’t focus on technical aspects. Instead, it focuses more on managerial knowledge and how to coordinate and organize information security operations.
The CISM is vendor-neutral and focuses primarily on four concepts in information management: managing information security risk, program management of information security programs, and responding to and handling information security incidents.
To earn the CISM certification, you must pass one exam. This exam is simply referred to as CISM exam.
What is the CISM Exam?
The CISM exam, which lasts 4 hours, is a difficult exam that covers four primary work-related domains.
Domain 1: Information Security Governance
Domain 2: Information Risk Management
Domain 3: Information Security Program Development & Management
Domain 4: Information Security Incident Management

Each domain has the words “management” and “governance”. The CISM exam doesn’t care about your technical knowledge or expertise in cybersecurity technology configurations. The CISM exam measures your ability to identify legal requirements and business requirements for a security program, then document compliance, monitor program metrics and suggest appropriate adjustments.
How Much Does the CISM Exam cost?
The CISM exam is $575 for ISACA members and $760 for nonmembers. You will need to become a member before you can take the exam. This costs $135. If you are not currently a member of ISACA you can take the CISM exam for $710 if you just pay for a membership. After you have earned the CISM, your annual maintenance will be $45 and you will need to earn 120 hours of continuing education over three year.
What experience do you need for the CISM job?
The CISM certification is difficult to obtain. While other IT certification exams require a lot more technical and precise information about hardware, software, and devices, the CISM exam proves that you have a good understanding of IT managerial roles and responsibilities, as well as the ability to perform them.
You should have a lot of experience.