Is Cloud+ worth it?

Some companies are able to define the cloud and are moving at full speed towards their migration plans. Others are not so sure, but they are looking for information about storage and computing solutions and how they can be reached. Other companies still believe the cloud is in the sky, even though they are completely lost.
All these companies require IT professionals with a Cloud+. The Cloud+ certification is performance-based and vendor-neutral, which is a departure from many IT certifications. It tests your knowledge of cloud models and your ability to optimize cloud deployments. This certification does not require you to use any particular piece of software or hardware. Learn more about why Cloud+ is so popular with employers and how it can help you.
What is CompTIA Cloud+?
CompTIA’s Cloud+ certification validates the administrator’s knowledge and skills in securely implementing, maintaining, and using cloud technologies. Cloud+ focuses on the ability to automate secure cloud environments. No matter what cloud vendor your company uses, earning a Cloud+ certification means that you are able to deploy, optimize, and protect business systems, data, and other information in a high-availability cloud environment.
CompTIA is a renowned professional organization for the IT industry. CompTIA certifications are performance-based and not based on specific technologies. This is a departure from other certifications which tend to be focused on a single piece of hardware or software. CompTIA’s exams can be used for any IT job and are not tied to any particular technology. This makes them more difficult but also more widely accepted than other certifications.
CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002). Related training from SPOTO
Get started training. Another cloud-related certification from CompTIA that you might consider is the Cloud Essentials+. It is intended for anyone who wants to understand the benefits and costs of cloud solutions from a business standpoint. It does not cover technical aspects such as Cloud+, but focuses on non-technical aspects of cloud solutions.
What is the CompTIA Cloud+ Exam?
Two Cloud+ exams are available at the time of writing: CV0-002 & CV0-003. CV0-002 will be retired in December 2021, and CV0-003 was published June 2021. We’ll now focus on CV0-003. CV0-003 is the Cloud+ exam. It has five objectives.
Cloud Architecture & Design
Cloud Security
Cloud Deployment
Operations & Support

The CV0-003 was created to test the candidate’s understanding of cloud architecture from both theoretical and practical perspectives. It will assess your technical skills in deploying cloud services and solutions, as well as maintaining, optimizing and optimizing a Cloud Environment. You will also need to be able to troubleshoot common problems related to cloud management.
What is the CompTIA Cloud+ Exam Costing?
CompTIA Cloud+ exam CV0-003 costs $338 to take. You can take the test online. They also have international pricing and a link to their testing centers. Cloud+ is known for being difficult so it’s important to prepare well in advance. You should include the cost of online classes and classes in your estimates if you plan on taking them. Cloud+, on the other hand, does not require any prerequisites (although Network+ and Server+ are highly recommended), so you don’t need to worry about paying for other exams.
What experience do you need for CompTIA Cloud+
CompTIA recommends that you have at least 2 years experience in networking or systems administration before you attempt the Cloud+. CompTIA also updated the certification exam to CV0-003, replacing CV0-002. They also added a recommendation for having the Network+ or Server+. Although the Network+ and Server+ are not required prerequisites, they are recommended.