6 of the Best Gantt chart Software

Gantt charts are a common tool for project managers. If not, let me explain:
Gantt charts are bar graphs that show how much work is needed in certain time periods. These charts are used to visualise a project’s schedule. These charts are useful if you have a clear deadline for your project with milestones between. This is common for construction, textiles and inventory strategy.

Gantt charts can be more complicated than they appear at first glance. They can be inefficient if they are hand-drawn — no one wants the task of updating a moving table manually as tasks are completed — and require skills that include resource allocation, task-dependency management and team collaboration.
I have reviewed the many project management software options that offer Gantt charts, and made my selection.
Software for Gantt charts
What criteria did you use? To ensure security, I first looked through the Gantt charts software. I then narrowed down the list to apps that could manage project planning, collaboration, resource management, and more. After narrowing down the list, I made sure that readers could choose the right suite for their company. Some companies may need enterprise project management software. However, not all businesses have to pay for it.
Here’s the alphabetical list of top Gantt chart software.

Celoxis is a great choice for large, international companies. It provides services in many languages (Chinese and English, French, German and Portuguese), and has a remarkable system for managing project portfolios. Deloitte and LiveNation are just a few of its notable clients. Are you looking for software solutions that offer similar features? These Celoxis alternatives are a great starting point.
Celoxis offers a wide range of reporting options that pull from Gantt chart information. Although Celoxis’ resource allocation and project planning tools are excellent, you should pay attention to how their reports can accurately analyze projected project costs (like billable hours, resource hours, and product utilization) and compare them to actual usage. Project managers can then learn how to improve their internal project management system.
Celoxis is limited in integrations. It works with Microsoft Project, Salesforce, Google Apps, and QuickBooks, but it offers very little beyond that. Celoxis is an open API so developers are creating their own plug ins to make Celoxis more useful.
Price: $25/month web, $450/user, one-time (offers volume discounts for installed version)
Operating System(s), Linux, Mac OS X (Windows), Online
Size of the company: Large and large enterprises
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2.Easy Projects

Easy Projects is best for companies with many clients. Gantt chart software allows unlimited guest accounts so clients can track the progress of their projects from conception to completion. It is available in French and Spanish, as well as Russian and Russian. You are looking for software solutions that offer similar features? These Easy Projects alternatives might be the right fit for you.
Easy Projects’ greatest asset is its ease-of-use. One reviewer stated that the software was suitable for “accidental project mangers”, meaning it doesn’t use industry jargon and is easy to learn, regardless of project management experience. Other reviews support this sentiment, as well as helpful customer service and overall functionality.
Easy Projects allows users the ability to create both private and public calendars. Gantt charts can be created using a drag-and-drop method. Project managers, accidental or not, can track and modify tasks and schedules.
I recommend Easy Projects to small teams that need large projs.