5 Places to Look for Candid Project Management Software Reviews

Rotten Tomatoes. CNET. Yelp. Consumer Reports. Investing in a product, whether it’s a movie ticket or a car, no longer requires intimate interactions between buyer and seller. Instead, it can be done online.
Online marketing is only possible if people trust reviews. BrightLocal.com found 88% of consumers trust online recommendations as much as personal recommendations, and sometimes more than their peers.
Online reviews are crucial when it comes to B2B software reviews. It is a time-consuming and expensive process to buy business software. On average, organizations spend $10,329 per year ($861 per month) on project management software.
You don’t want to invest in project management software that isn’t worth your time.

Here’s a list of the top places to find reviews on project management software. These five sites provide information, a rating system that is accurate, and allow reviewers to leave both positive and negative feedback.
Each review is unique and each site has a different way of sorting and prioritizing product commentary.
1. Capterra

Capterra offers a comprehensive list of project management software. There are almost 500 products in our directory, ranging from the most popular project management systems, Atlassian Jira (78 reviews) or Wrike (71 reviews), to less-known project management software like Task Manager (19 reviews and A1 Tracker (17 review).
Capterra verifies all reviews. Reviewers must prove that they own the software and that they are not employees of the company they are reviewing. This means that there are no marketing scams in which all reviews are fake. ).
2. GetApp

Although GetApp doesn’t have as many reviews than Capterra, it is still a great site for those who want to compare software. Click on “Compare App” to select as many software options you wish. You can then compare project management software reviews, features, pricing, integrations, supported platforms, and more.
3. Reviews.com

Reviews.com offers a section that reviews project management software. These reviews are not crowdsourced but are very informative with detailed “good” or “bad” sections for each option. The bulleted list then lists the features and pricing structure of each PM software.
This site isn’t regularly updated and doesn’t attempt to review every project management software. Reviews.com, for example, has not updated its PM software reviews page since November 2015. They also offer only 25 in-depth reviews.
4. PCMag

PCMag does not have a dedicated hub for project management software reviews, but that doesn’t mean their reviews aren’t valuable. There are many articles on the best project management software, from comparison pieces to how you can use a mindmap.
PCMag is not a great resource for those who want to get a general overview of project management tools. It’s more useful for those who just need basic information. For a deeper dive, I recommend you move to one of the sites listed below.
5. SoftwareAdvice

SoftwareAdvice has a list of 135 project management software products. All reviews are from verified purchasers. You can filter the products by price, ratings and industry. SoftwareAdvice does not have as many reviews as Capterra, but the reviews are more detailed. SoftwareAdvice requires users rank ease-of-use, functionality, product quality, customer support, and customer service. Reviewers are required to rate the product and make suggestions to the company.
It can be difficult to find the right project management software. I recommend reading Capterra’s blog on project management.