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To Infinity, Beyond Pandemics

Unprecedented times. This phrase has been repeated so many times that we are sick of it. They aren’t so new, at least not in human history. All of these things have been seen before, including quarantine, masks, as well as a halt to economic activity. It’s easy to see similarities and make predictions about possible

Tips to Take Better Meeting Notes

It is often overlooked that taking meeting notes is a valuable skill. It’s often difficult because it’s not rocket science and is much simpler than you might think. It’s one of the most important business skills that can improve communication with your coworkers and create meaningful information for your company. It’s also a great way

Tips to Improve the Onboarding Flow

Onboarding is more than just about “Where do you sit?” This is a journey that will be a key part of the employee experience. You made a promise during the recruitment process. This means that you will prepare your team members to be high achievers and high performers. If everything goes according to plan, your

Tips to Improve Interdepartmental Communication

Inter-departmental communication involves different departments working together to create a service or product that customers love. However, a team that functions well must have excellent communication, respect and vision. Let’s say we ask team members how they get along with other departments. The answer would most likely “we do ok” or a shrug, implying that

WatchGuard Fireware Essentials Exam Format Blog

Are you ready for the next step in your career? Pass the WatchGuard Fireware Essentials Examination. Stuck! Are you stuck? You have most likely hit the jackpot. Professional certifications can make you more job-ready and give you a competitive edge. Preparing for a certification exam can be like planning to achieve any important goal. Before

WatchGuard Fireware Essentials Certificate Study Guide – Blog

Are you currently preparing for the WatchGuard Fireware Essentials certification examination? Are you unsure where to start your preparation? This step-by-step guide will help you to increase your learning and open up new opportunities. The WatchGuard Fireware Essentials certification test tests your knowledge about how to manage, configure, and monitor a WatchGuard Firebox. This exam

VMware on Azure – A Cloud Odd Couple

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Both platforms are capable and offer robust services to businesses for all of their cloud hosting needs. Both are large businesses that constantly compete for market share. Both companies are constantly releasing new features and services. Sometimes, they do so in direct response to each other. This can take away