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Preferred Method for Measuring Project Performance

The Earned Value Management is used in project management to measure the performance of software development projects. Before the design is made available, establish your baseline phase-by–phase, for coding and testing. Every project activity (task), must have clearly defined completion criteria. This will allow you to objectively decide if it is “done.” Agile views focus

How to prepare for HDPCD Apache Spark Certification

Today’s business is increasingly reliant on data analysis to maximize their business. While big data is growing at a rapid rate, it is crucial to do the right analysis to extract the business insights. Hadoop and Storm are already available as big data processing alternatives. Apache Spark, however, is the most important addition to this

How to prepare for the HashiCorp Consul Associate Cert Exam?

To prove your network automation skills, you can become a HashiCorp Consultant Associate Certification. The HashiCorp Certified Consul Associate Examination is one of four HashiCorp Cloud Engineer Certifications. It allows cloud engineers to prove their service networking expertise with HashiCorp Consul. This article will provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for and pass the

How to prepare for Google Cloud Certifications

Google’s cloud platform is gaining popularity. This is great news for businesses looking to migrate to the cloud as it shows that Google is committed providing a high-quality service. Earning your Google Cloud certification will help you make a name for yourself in the cloud computing industry or validate your skills. Google Cloud is ranked

Challenges In Managing A Big Size Team

Being part of a team is a great feeling for employees. It helps you achieve your company’s goals and objectives. It is a huge challenge to manage it. The success of an organization depends on its team. To produce new products or results, people work together with their colleagues. Although each member has a unique

Challenges For Project Managers In Global Project Management

Project managers must face many challenges. The project manager’s goal is to achieve the project objectives, define the methods and schedule the deadlines, and to establish the tools and methodologies. The project managers oversee the daily activities, monitor the progress of the project and deal with any challenges. Project managers face challenges in managing projects.